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Launch Trampoline Park provides guests with ‘the ultimate family experience.’

By Alan Dorich

Some may think you can open a trampoline park and immediately be a success, but it’s not so easy. Many franchises do not have the formula that made Launch Trampoline Park thrive, owner Rob Arnold says. “A lot of these guys are doing the same-old, same-old,” he says.

“They don’t have any of the newer attractions that we’re doing on our end,” he explains. “We’re not just a trampoline park anymore. We’re the ultimate family experience.”

Based in Warwick, R.I., Launch Trampoline has 10 locations that each features connected trampolines that form large jumping surfaces. But, Arnold notes, the locations also have other attractions, including arcades and a 20-foot stunt tower where guests can experience a free fall into a large air bag.Launch Trampoline Fact Box

The locations also feature 240-square-foot courts where children can play “extreme dodgeball,” Arnold says. “We have a platform obstacle in the middle which the kids can use to hide behind,” he explains.

Good Times

Arnold got the idea for Launch Trampoline back in 2011, while on vacation with his wife in Florida. “It happened to be a rainy day, so instead of going out to Disney World, we decided to go to an indoor trampoline park,” he recalls.

“Within the first few minutes, we looked at each other and said, ‘This is right up our alley,’” he says, noting that both he and his wife were athletes. Afterward, the two began researching what it would take to open a series of parks.

Arnold then partnered with Ty Law, a former cornerback for the New England Patriots and a three-time Super Bowl Champion, to found Launch Trampoline. “I had done some work at his house with my construction company,” Arnold recalls.

“I started talking about the trampoline parks, and his eyes lit up.”

Today, Launch Trampoline’s locations are across the United States. “We’re as far north as Nashua, N.H., and as far south as Columbus, Ga.,” he says, noting that the company has plans to open more locations in Pasadena, Calif., and Miami.

He also credits the concept’s success to its focus on putting the client first. For example, the company employs “court monitors,” which are similar to lifeguards at a pool, Arnold says.

But unlike lifeguards, the monitors engage with its guests. “We are encouraging our court monitors to get down on one knee with the kids and engage in a friendly manner,” he says. “They’re not just there to blow the whistle. They’re making sure the kids are there to have a good time in a positive way.”

True Believers

Launch Trampoline looks for people with enthusiasm when recruiting franchisees, Arnold says. “We’re looking for people that love friends, family, fitness and fun,” he says.

“There are a lot of franchisees that come in that are here just to make a dollar,” he says. “We’re not looking for people that are interested in just the money. They have to believe in the Launch brand and the culture.”

It helps if they are looking for a business that is exciting, fun and constantly changing, Arnold says. But the Launch Trampoline model also fits those who want to be absentee owners.

With the latest technology, “You can see everything that goes on inside your park from your cell phone,” he says. “We’ve got a bulletproof system set up to make sure everybody working inside that park is accountable.”

Ready for Launch

Launch Trampoline provides an extensive start-up program to its franchisees, Arnold says. “We handle everything from the business setup all the way through the grand opening,” he says.

For example, a project manager helps franchisees with real estate selection and the negotiation of the lease terms. Afterward, “They are the point of contact and project manager for everything,” he says, noting that this ranges from construction to the procurement of start-up items.

Launch Trampoline also assigns a business support manager that coordinates training, including an eight-week session for the franchisee’s management team. “One week before opening, we send our team to the franchisee’s location to work with them and get their employees trained on site,” Arnold says.

On the Table

In the last 18 months, Launch Trampoline branched out into manufacturing its own equipment, including steel frames and trampoline beds. “We’ve brought close to 30 jobs to Rhode Island, strictly for manufacturing purposes,” Arnold says. “We’re also providing installations, as well.”

He sees more growth for the company. “We’ve got some potential deals on the table right now,” he says. “In the next five years, we’re looking to open 100 units in the United States, but also sell international license deals.”


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