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The International Franchise Association Convention in San Antonio Feb. 20 to 23 foretold a bright future for franchising, but with storm clouds on the horizon.

By Joel Buckberg

So many great ideas and business models jostled for a solid spot on the track for success at the International Franchise Association Convention in San Antonio Feb. 20 to 23. The marketplace for service providers to the franchise space was equally robust, as a marketplace with more than 800,000 business units, 9 million employees and nearly $1 trillion in gross sales merits attention.

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Pamper Your Customers with Loyalty Apps

By Nimish Gupta

Many franchises are launching their own loyalty apps because the industry is moving from a brand-centric to a customer-centric focus. It is absolutely vital for brands to connect and communicate with customers at the right place and the right time to remain top-of-mind.

Value-seeking customers want to be rewarded for their loyalty to a business. However, they don’t want to clutter their wallets with paper punch cards or carry plastic cards. Many brands are embracing mobile loyalty apps as a convenient way for their customers to earn and redeem loyalty points.

But simply creating and launching a branded app is not sufficient. The main goal should be gaining long-term traction and repeat users.

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