Cybersecurity 1

Under attack: How to ensure your franchise is secure from credit card fraud.

By Fred Cobb

For entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities, the franchise market continues to lead the pace for sustained growth. According to the International Franchising Association, average annual job growth in the franchise sector has been higher than all businesses economy-wide. Forecasts for 2017 anticipate that these trends in growth for franchise businesses will continue not only in the new year, but for long-range forecasts as well.

Customer engagment

Case study: Four considerations for designing a great franchise loyalty program.

By Leslie Wilson-Lopez

Traditionally, we look at loyalty programs from our company’s perspective. By providing offers and incentives in a structured format, we hope to increase visits, spending and daily engagement among customers. We thank our biggest fans for their business, knowing that they could take their money elsewhere.

I would argue that the most successful loyalty programs start from the perspective of the customers instead.

Digital Signage 481055084

How can a franchise owner stand out in a sea of traditional display ads?

By Sylvain Bellaïche

With the advent of affordable and reliable digital signage and easy-to-use software to run it, franchise owners are increasingly utilizing this technology as an attractive option for connecting with their clientele. Franchisees who have not yet done so might be asking themselves: What are the specific advantages that digital signage can bring?

Growing a Franchise

Not so fast! A franchise founder offers tips for responsible franchise growth.

By Harriet Mills

When a franchised business really begins to hit its stride, it can be tempting to expand rapidly – strike while the iron is hot, as the saying goes. But focusing on the big picture and planning for responsible growth are the best ways to ensure the long-term success of the business.

Crisis Mgmt

Prepared for a crisis? Be proactive to minimize damage to your entire franchise brand

and franchisees’ standing in their communities.

By Heather Ripley

Even the most sound franchise business is susceptible to a crisis. It could come in the form of a damaging review, poor franchisee behavior or an uncontrollable disaster. It could occur in the corporate office or at an individual franchise.

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