Effective communication skills are vital for any franchise executive. Here are ways to develop those skills.

By Bill Corbett Jr.

Leadership and management experts agree that effective communication by leaders is critical for organizational success both in the short and long term. In the franchise sector, leadership communications offers both challenges and tremendous opportunities.


Are today’s disenfranchised workers a good fit for your franchise?

Here are three points for franchisors to consider.

By Mark Cottle

More-frequent layoffs and poor wage growth have left many American workers feeling less-than-enthusiastic about their jobs. Gone are the days of positions being protected by longevity, and mergers are regularly causing job loss. What’s more, inflation has risen at nearly the same pace as wages, leaving individuals with stagnating buying power over the past four decades.


Educate your employees and dedicate security staff to protect your franchise from email threats.

By Dan Hoban

Email is the main source of communication for all businesses, and one where employees go about their daily routine sending, receiving and opening emails and attachments with no thought of the potential risk that unsecured emails can do to themselves and the franchise. 

Email security is a critical risk for many companies and franchisees alike, which is why it’s important to ensure that your email security is up to date and employees are well educated. Hackers can gain access to your company’s network through employees’ emails. An unwanted email can contain an exploit that gives hackers unlimited access to your computer and your organization’s network. In fact, more than 90 percent of all attacks originate with emails. 


How multi-location businesses can connect online advertising to offline sales.

By Amanda Martin

The omnishopper is a consumer who researches products online but goes to a physical store to purchase them. Seventy-six percent of omnishoppers end up doing most of their shopping research online, which means there is an incredible opportunity to influence the consumer’s eventual purchase through online advertising, but also an incredible gap in a marketer’s ability to measure that influence in terms of actual sales lift. 

Video Marketing

Lights, camera, video marketing: What you need to know to prepare to be on video and TV. 

By Bill Corbett Jr. 

Imagine for a moment you are sitting in a cold, brightly-lit studio with a half-a-dozen people running in all directions. You see multiple flat screen monitors around the set and most have “your” image on them. A few minutes later, you hear in your ear that you are “going live on the air in 30 seconds.” The show host, whom you have never met before, rushes in and gives you a nod. Moments later, the red light on the camera in your face goes on. You are live on the air and now it’s time to perform.  

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