Why franchising might be the perfect career choice for millennials.

By Harriet Mills

When you picture a typical franchisee, you probably conjure the image of an established professional looking to break out of their corporate gig or a baby boomer staging a second act to create additional income as they approach retirement. For decades, these types of people, along with other individuals with the net worth to invest in their own business, were the ideal candidates to buy into a franchised system, but that’s started to change in recent years.


Why the franchising industry needs training more than ever, and how to deliver it.

By Matt Bingham

The franchising industry has been completely transformed over the decades. One of the most famous examples is the metamorphosis of McDonald’s: Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s in 1955 in Des Plaines, Ill., and now the franchise is a multibillion-dollar business with thousands of stores in more than 100 countries, with a large percentage of those stores owned by individual franchisees. Today the franchising community as a whole accounts for more than $800 billion in annual sales and makes up more than 40 percent of all retail sales in North America.


Engage with employees even before you hire them to lay the groundwork for fruitful relationships.

By Darren Findley and Kim Shepherd

Employee engagement is a widely accepted best practice, but a lot of companies are missing a great opportunity by starting engagement programs during or even after onboarding new employees. The recruitment experience influences engagement, and a deliberate approach will help ensure the experience lays the groundwork for a long, mutually beneficial relationship between employer and employee.

Remote Monitoring

How a franchise operator enhanced security through innovative cloud-based technology.

By Lisa Ciappetta

Securing franchise businesses with multiple locations can be challenging. A cloud-based integrated security system can secure each location and serve as a management tool allowing business owners to administer and monitor their operations from anywhere, at any time.

Tax reform

A changing landscape: What upcoming tax law changes could mean for franchise owners.

By Cramer Soebbing

Since President Trump took office, there has been speculation in the franchisee community about the country’s future tax laws and the laws’ effects on their businesses. Now that the president and the House have seemingly moved on from their attempts to overhaul our nation’s healthcare law, tax reform appears to be the next item on the administration’s agenda.

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