Tax reform

A changing landscape: What upcoming tax law changes could mean for franchise owners.

By Cramer Soebbing

Since President Trump took office, there has been speculation in the franchisee community about the country’s future tax laws and the laws’ effects on their businesses. Now that the president and the House have seemingly moved on from their attempts to overhaul our nation’s healthcare law, tax reform appears to be the next item on the administration’s agenda.

Personal branding

Pitch perfect: How thinking like a news reporter will get media coverage for you and your franchise.

By Bill Corbett Jr.

What’s the secret to getting the media to cover and report positive stories about you and your franchise? The answer is simple: Think like a reporter or editor. By understanding what these professionals need, you will then be able to craft effective pitches and obtain the coverage you desire.


Be prepared: Here are the top-five extra business expenses

you are likely to encounter after buying a restaurant franchise.

By Stephen Sheinbaum

One of the benefits of buying a restaurant franchise over starting an eatery from scratch is that many of the initial costs that you will face have already been planned out. However, once the menus are printed, the doors are open and your business begins to grow, other expenses that were not in the initial plan will begin to appear. From my experience of funding franchisees over the last decade, there are five areas where extra expenses can pop up:


Women are powerful in the business world and yet they may not realize it.

Here’s how they can excel in the franchise arena.

By Kim Shepherd

Presenting to different organizations is a great executive perk. It lets me share insights and strategies for creating success. Women's business organizations often invite me to speak, and they usually expect me to focus on women's struggles, the glass ceiling and other issues – they want me to motivate women to keep up the struggle. There's only one problem: I don't think focusing on the struggle is such a good thing.

Personal Brand

Franchise owners who actively use personal branding strategies to become the faces of their businesses will create more avenues for success.

By Bill Corbett Jr.

We live in competitive times, and even with the latest marketing tools and support from franchisors some franchisees struggle to succeed and grow. This is particularly true for new franchisees; however, established owners face challenges as well. It is not surprising that many franchisees are challenged when it comes to marketing.

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