The Roles of

Franchisors and franchisees must understand their roles in avoiding the sexual harassment firestorm.

Training is the important first step.

By Rob Basso

The fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandals as well as the #MeToo movement have had far-reaching repercussions beyond Hollywood and into everyday business operations, including within franchises across the United States.

While the workplace sexual harassment controversy highlights a significant and long-existing problem, the end-result for women and workers is positive. Shining a light on unreported instances of sexual harassment, which should never have occurred, also demonstrates the exposure and risk faced by unprepared businesses, including franchisees. Questions also arise as to the role and responsibility of franchisors and what to do regarding recent changes to laws and rules relating to the move away from co-employment for operators.

Franchise Team

How combining creativity and operations can amplify a franchise brand’s success.

By Drew French

Ingenuity plays an integral role in any brand’s longevity; however, it must be coupled with operational excellence to ensure success. How can brands strike the right balance between creativity and operations for long-term growth?

Here are a few ways you can channel out-of-the-box thinking into a successful and sustainable franchise business.

Employment Law 

2018 will bring changes to employment laws.

Will your franchise be ready and compliant?

By John Waldmann

You can expect several critical changes to employment laws in 2018 that will impact franchise businesses that employ hourly workers. It is important for all local franchise managers and employees to be aware of these changes so they can comply with the regulations.

Crisis Com

Keeping it under control:

Four steps to help a franchise effectively address a PR crisis through email.

By Colby Cavanaugh

Chances are you’ve heard about health scares faced by food franchises like Chipotle Mexican Grill. When a franchise experiences any sort of widespread crisis – whether it be a foodborne illness, a product recall or a scandal among its leaders – the issue often becomes public knowledge that, if left unaddressed, can damage its brand reputation for good. After all, as a result of social media and a headline-centric media culture, any news flash involving a well-known brand is sure to generate clicks.

Sexual harassment

Scrupulous documentation of the facts of harassment claims

can protect your employees and your franchise business.

By Carol Wood

Determining how to handle sexual harassment claims can be overwhelming and terrifying for every business – from small, local franchise stores to large corporations. But it shouldn’t be.

Regrettably, at some point, people who run or own a franchise might become aware of sexual harassment at their workplace. Here are a few tips that will help you address sexual harassment quickly and successfully.

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