Email marketing

How email marketing can help multi-unit franchises improve communication with customers.

By Nora Snoddy

Managing multi-location franchises comes with a unique set of challenges. Franchise leaders must address the individual needs of their locations, yet maintain a cohesive brand image across all of them. They must empower their franchisees, but at the same time ensure they’re providing a consistent experience for customers. 

Digital Marketing

Should digital marketing be consistent across a franchisee’s portfolio of locations or brands?

Not necessarily.

By Jay Friedman

There are often “truths” we believe to be universal, but then we learn they are not. In marketing we’re taught to build a brand, have consistent messaging across media channels and use frequency to drive the message home. The franchising model, however, makes this more complex.


How to leverage strong leadership to attract and keep franchise talent. 

By Bill Corbett Jr. 

The economy is heating up and the competition for employees is also getting more challenging. Organizations – including franchise companies and franchise locations themselves – must do whatever they can to stand out as well as pique the interest of those who are seeking jobs as well as careers. 

We know that the cost of acquiring and training a new employee is high and that employee turnover can cause turmoil within an organization. How can franchise owners address these challenges, create strong teams and loyal and motivated employees, as well as keep turnover rates down?


The Robots Are Coming!

But will they take over your franchise?

How to think about automation’s impact on your business.

(Hint: Don't forget about the power of people.)

By Ben Davis

At a recent industry event, I overheard someone comment to a friend that they wouldn’t want to purchase a certain franchise concept because the franchisor is “planning to replace everyone with robots.” The comment seemed a bit absurd, but not necessarily surprising given how fast technology is advancing in the areas of machine learning, automation and artificial intelligence.

Entrpreneur Hunt 

A veteran franchisor reflects on how entrepreneurship and franchising

are a rewarding combination.

By Eileen Huntington

I’ve celebrated two momentous events in the past year. The first was the 40th anniversary of co-founding Huntington Learning Center with my husband Ray in 1977. The second was being named 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year by the International Franchise Association. For these events to happen in close succession is truly remarkable and humbling. It’s also prompted me to reflect on what it means to be a successful entrepreneur.

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